Yoga Classes

Yoga is the Journey of the Self , through the self, to the Self

-The Bhagavad Gita


Yoga is an important part of who I am and the choices I make. I believe an honest Yoga Practice carries you onto the path of self exploration and helps you discover your real and unique self. By definition the word Yoga means ‘Union’ and for me Yoga is that union with my own self. It is known to us all that Yoga is great for physical and mental well-being which is true. For me the highlight of a yoga practice is the sense of calmness and balance , a deep connection with self and the higher energies which one experiences after an intense Asana practice or in a deep meditative practice. My main objective as a yoga teacher is to make the practitioners experience this bit along with various other benefits of Yoga.

The vast ocean of Yoga has something to offer each and everyone of us. I see asanas , pranayama and meditative techniques as tools to advance in our spiritual journey. But before we go that deep there are a variety of benefits of yoga in practical living – be it weight loss, strengthening of body, toning of muscles, better flexibility, mental calmness and overall positivity in life. As I swim in this vast ocean I share what I learn with my Students. We enrich each other.

I conduct online Yoga classes – group and private sessions. Due to covid situation currently all classes are online. Here is more information about my sessions.

Group Classes

Morning & Evening Group Classes conducted Online on Zoom platform. Formats : Hatha, Vinyasa & Props

Yin Yoga

Slow Meditative Yoga Practice. Online class on Weekends. Platform : Zoom

1 on 1 Class

Private one on one online sessions designed as per needs of the Student.

Om Shanti

I am practicing yoga regularly since past 4 years in a traditional method. I am really enjoying the way Ekta is teaching asanas in a flow. Glad I decided to join her online classes

— Bhavya Krishnapura Ramachandra (IT Professional)

I changed a lot after starting Yoga with Ekta. Especially my stress and depression have come down. I am grateful to her.

— Sony (Home Maker)

I joined the yoga classes under Ms Ekta from 1 September 2020. Four months in to training with about 80% attendance, now I am able to squat, feel very energetic and regained my knee stability. Now I am 68 years old. I must thank Ms Ekta for very well planned yoga classes which systematically improved my flexibility, agility and strength. My aim is to start jogging which I stopped 28 years ago. I am very hopeful of achieving it.

— Navanitha Krishnan (Ex Army Officer)

I’ve practiced yoga from different other places in Bangalore like cult and other home classes. After some point of time, I felt like we keep repeating the same asanas and my body is not showing any improvement. I joined Ekta’s class 2 months ago and one thing I strongly feel is that my body shows improvement even with repeated poses. She teaches every minor aspect of the Asanas and keeps correcting me until perfection. My asanas shows improvement each and every day and makes me feel stronger both mentally and physically.

— Nithya (IT Professional)

I have been with Ekta for 3 months now.. main difference i could see in her classes is the focus on building strength in each body part .. feel relaxed and energetic post the session. Ekta encourages us to challenge ourselves and reach to the right postures in order to benefit from the class. Truly amazed by her flexibility and commitment towards yoga and towards each one of us 🙂 thanks Ekta for being an inspiration!

— Pallavi Rupesh (IT Professional)

I have now been taking classes with Ekta for four months. I thoroughly enjoy the stretches and asanas. I would like to highlight that I have suffered from menstrual cramps every month for about 20 years. But after doing Yoga for a couple of months, my cramps have disappeared. The only thing I have changed about my lifestyle is yoga and I am forever grateful for that. Ekta is a very good instructor. She communicates well and takes us through a series of asanas where no session is like any other. I come out of every session feeling recharged. Thank you, Ekta!

— Sandhya Krishnan (Working Mom of two)

Ekta Minocha – Yoga Teacher

1500+ hours of teaching experience in Yoga Studios, Gyms, Private Coaching and Online Classes.

YIC Svyasa University
RYT 300 Hours and RYT 200 Hours with Aayana Yoga Academy
Yin Yoga Certification with Aayana Yoga Academy