Pink Shorghum Flatbread

Hi Dear Readers 🙂 Today is a good day. I am feeling all the good vibes 😉 The weather has been rainy in bangalore since two days – a respite from the dry cold winter. I started my day early at 6 finished my yoga sessions. Baked for an order and I have the rest…

Avarekalu Hummus and Roasted Ragi Crisps

Avarekalu Hummus and Roasted Ragi crisps

Here is a new way to consume our Avarekalu or Hyacinth Beans which is available around this time in Bengaluru.

A hit healthy party snack which is vegan and also gluten free. 🙂

Sugar Free Pudding with Apples

Hello Friends 🙂 I am back to share a recipe with you which has been on my mind since a long time. Recently I got a chance to actually try it. Off late I have been more inclined towards a gluten free and sugar free diet. And have been searching for ways to deal with…