Yin Yoga Session on Sundays

Namaste Dear Readers

You are most likely a student of mine if you have reached this link. 🙂 You can read more about Yoga from The Vegan Birdie here – Yoga Classes.

Every Sunday I am conducting YIN Yoga session online. Yin yoga is a slow , meditative and restorative yoga practice. It is an ideal practice to complement your other physical activities. It helps relax the mind and body. Like every yoga practice it works with the nervous system and brings a sense of balance by activating the para sympathetic response of nervous system.

I made a small video about it. It is best to experience Yin in a session to understand it. Here is the form to register with more details about the session and how to reach me.


Group Yin Yoga Session in Studio

Since October 2019 I had been taking Yin Sessions in Yoga studios. Yin brings such peace and calm to the mind, even as a teacher I feel amazing after giving a Yin Session. It is very useful in current times of uncertainty where we are trying to keep our mental and physical health at its best. Meditative and relaxing practices like Yin yoga help in reducing stress and improving immune function. Come experience Yin with me. Share with people who you feel could benefit from such practice.

Yin Yoga Online Session

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