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Namaste Dear Readers

I have been teaching Yoga to groups in yoga studios , gyms and private individual classes since 2015 uptil Covid lockdown. Since Covid my classes have been happening online. Now as things normalize I will soon start taking physical classes too. You can read a bit more about Yoga with me here – Yoga with the Vegan Birdie.

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Online Yoga Classes

Yoga practice to –

  • Build Strength, Stamina & Flexibility with Asanas
  • Improve immunity with asanas and breathing practices 
  • Find Mental Calmness with relaxing and meditative practices

Here are the details for my online classes –

Group Class Timings

2 Morning Batches. 1 Evening Batch

6:30 AM – Five Days a week , 8 AM – Three days a week , 6 PM – Three days a week (IST timings)

Suitable for beginner and intermediate practitioner. 8 AM class is a therapy class suitable for seniors and beginners too. Sunday morning is a meditative YIN Yoga practice.

Format of Classes

I teach Vinyasa , Hatha Yoga, Yoga with Props and Yin Yoga. Sometimes I mix these themes into a single class. Classes also include Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditative Practices. A bit more about these class formats –

Hatha Yoga – In this practice we hold Asanas for a longer time focusing on building strength and stability. We also focus on basics of alignment and breath. This helps a beginner practitioner to settle down in a new form of physical movement.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice – In this practice we do asanas in a flow one after another. Movements are coordinated with breath. This helps practitioners develop stamina and increase the metabolism of body.

A 40 minute flow practice

Yoga with Props – This practice takes inspiration from Iyenger Yoga format. Blocks , strap , Pillows , Chair , wall etc are used to find more opening in body. Even household items can be used to replace regular yoga props. This practice has a very comforting effect on body as you feel supported using the props and can hold longer. It also helps build a good alignment and understanding of the body.

Therapy Yoga – Therapy class is suitable for seniors , certain people with injuries and even as a replacement for your regular class if you are bit unwell on a particular day. The goal of the practice is to open and strengthen the body. I like to utilize props for this practice. It is advisable you come to the class with pillows / bolster, yoga strap , blocks & chair.

Yin Yoga – This is a slow and meditative format of yoga practice explained in detail here – Yin Yoga. I take this session on Sunday morning. This class is on a separate enrollment but regular online batch students can avail it once a month for free.

Mode of Class

Online via Zoom

A recording of class can be made available in case you miss the session for a short period.

What you require

A Laptop / Phone with good speed Internet Connection
Yoga Mat
Comfortable clothing
Props like Pillows / Bolster (specified before the class)

Group Class Charges

2000 Rs per month – 3 sessions a week (minimum 12 Sessions)
2500 Rs per month – 4 sessions a week (minimum 16 sessions)
3000 Rs per month – 5 session a week (minimum 20 sessions)

Per session cost Rs 250

Register here :-

Online Yoga with The Vegan Birdie

Personal Class Charges


Rs 500 first trial class
Rs 900 per class after 1st trial class

PACKAGES for Regular Classes

Packages for one on one session (1 person)

Rs 10800 – 12 Sessions – 2/3 times a week – Extendable to 5 weeks
Rs 7200 – 8 Sessions – 2/3 times a week – Extendable to 4 weeks
Rs 5500 – 6 Sessions – 2/3 times a week – Extendable to 3 weeks

Session will be 60 Min Duration.

Youtube Channel


Certified Yoga Teacher

1500+ hours of teaching experience

YIC Svyasa University
RYT 300 hours and RYT 200 Hours with Aayana Yoga Academy
Yin Yoga Certification with Aayana Yoga Academy


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