Ugadi Special : Sugar Free Besan Laddoo

Hello Readers,

I hope you all are doing well and in good health. Sending you positive vibes in these tough times. I am keeping busy.. by exploring the pending recipes I wanted to try 🙂 . Practicing my Yoga and teaching my students online. Time to shake up those corners of the house that need renovation. As far as being busy in concerned there is always plenty to do. But then I feel whats the point of this whole situation in the world. Its as if the Universe wants us to change, improvise, learn something new.. perhaps learn to flow.. maybe learn to not always want to be busy.. things to ponder..

Yoga can be very soothing in these times. I am so grateful I have capacity to use it as a tool to nurture & soothe myself and help others feel supported as well. I want to share my recent Yoga practice with you in this spirit. Do Yoga. Keep Calm. Stay Positive.

Here is the link. If you happen to practise do let me know how it makes you feel.

Today is Ugadi festival in India, it is like a new year in southern states of India. This post shares a recipe to bring some sweetness in our lives 🙂 Its a sugar free recipe for Besan Laddoo ! A sweet made with besan or Gram Flour. Our usual Besan Laddo is also loaded with fats. The greasiness is really an important aspect of this laddoo. You wont miss it here as well. There are loads of good fats in this recipe. Not to forget the high protein content of Besan. And it is Sugar Free ! Sweetened only with dates 🙂 I say its a total win.

Vegan Besan Laddoo

Sugar is replaced by soft dates in this recipe. Like Kimia dates – they are soft and dont need to be soaked to be grounded. Fats are replaced by Peanuts. Yes ! We are making Peanut butter 🙂

Sugar Free Besan Laddoo

Lets look at the recipe.


1 Cup Gram Flour
1 Cup Roasted and dehusked Peanuts
20 Kimia Dates (Any soft Dates)
1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder
4 Tbs Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
3 Tbs chopped Raisons
Pumpkin seeds, desicated coconut to decorate


  1. Grind the roasted peanuts into a fine powder. Continue grinding to convert it into a paste and ultimately a buttery texture.

Note : This process will work better in a Food Processor. If you are using a Wet Grinder do this process in pulses giving breaks inbetween to avoid overheating the machine.

It is okay if resulting butter in slightly grainy . It adds texture!

  1. Once your peanut butter is almost ready add the soft dates to the grinder and combine with the butter. Add Cardamom powder and combine one last time. Make sure dates are mixed well into the butter.
  2. Warm the coconut oil in a thick bottom pan. Add the gram flour for roasting.
  3. On a medium flame, keep stirring the flour.
  4. Once the flour becomes slightly aromatic and gets bit deeper in color reduce the flame to lowest.
  5. Continue stirring and roasting on low flame till flour becomes a dark golden in color.
  6. Remove the pan from heat and keep on a cooling rack / cork board. Keep stirring for 2 minutes to start its cooling.
  7. Let the flour cool completely.
  8. Mix the peanut butter into the flour. Add the chopped raisins. Use Hands to mix uniformly.
  9. Squeeze little mixture at a time in between your palms and roll into Laddoos.
    Serve decorated with pumpkin seeds an desiccated coconut.

Wish you all a Happy Festival of Ugadi 🙂

Wishing good health and peace for everyone.


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