Coconut and Fig Ice Cream

The cold and chill has not deterred me from digging into ice creams this season. :-D.. Infact I think I’ve been eating them more than I did in the summer!


This was an interesting combination I tried. I usually eat figs in my smoothies or directly but this is the first time I tried it in an ice cream. Coconut cream makes a great base for vegan ice cream. We use a combination of coconut condensed milk (which we make) and whipped coconut cream for this ice cream. Instead of whipped coconut cream you can also use whipped dairy free whipping cream for vegan ice creams. But for this ice cream since coconut is an important flavor i have used coconut cream.

I use Kara coconut milk for this recipe as I find it has more coconut fats. The creamier the milk the better for your ice cream. Store your coconut milk cartons/cans in the fridge for a few days before attempting this recipe. Keeping them in fridge allows the solids or the more creamy part to separate from the liquid.

You crave for something crunchy with ice creams and this time I tried some vegan Tuile cookies to go with the ice cream. This was my first attempt at making tulies and the output was not bad at all. It certainly uplifted the ice cream with its crunch. 🙂 I tweaked this recipe by using vegetable oil and coconut oil to make the tuile. I will post a tuile recipe once I make a perfect one!


Needs – Hand Immersion Blender with whisk attachment
Yields – 4-5 scoops

Three 200ML Coconut Milk Cartons(chilled)
8-10 dried Figs
1/4-1/3 cup sugar
1 tbs vanilla essence

Make coconut condensed milk
1. Soak 8 dried figs overnight just submerged in water. In morning grind into a thick paste. Chop the rest into fine pieces.
2. In a pan on medium flame heat 200ml coconut milk with sugar. Use sugar quantity as per your taste.
3. Once the coconut milk mixture starts bubbling put it on simmer for around 20-30 minutes stirring occasionally. Towards the end stir in the fig paste into the mixture. The end result is a thick condensed coconut milk flavored with fig.
4. Take the pan off heat and allow the mixture to cool.
5. Keep in fridge to chill completely.

Make coconut whipped cream
Take the other 2 coconut milk cartons which should have been sitting in fridge for a couple of days. Keeping them in fridge allows the solids or the more creamy part to separate from the liquid. Flip the carton bottom up. This allows the more creamy solids to stay in the bottom. Now (quickly) open the carton and drain the watery portion into a vessel. We use the left over creamy part to make a coconut whipped cream.

6. Whip the coconut cream solids till you see soft peaks which hold shape. Add a few drops of vanilla essence and whip little more to combine.
7. Pour in your chilled coconut condensed milk and blend some more to combine. Avoid over-whipping once combined.
8. Fold in the chopped fig pieces.
9. Pour into a container with a lid and freeze for 4 hours or overnight. Before scooping allow the ice cream to sit outside for a few minutes.

Tip : – Use coconut cream which has been sitting in fridge for few days,
Use Cold vessels for whipping the cream



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